Restoration of a Russian Bible

These pictures show some of the stages of a large reback on a book bound in full leather on oak boards.

Tudor Binding

Showing the binding of a vellum manuscript into a full leather binding on oak boards. The customer wanted the book to be as close a reproduction of a 16th century binding as I could produce.

Cary's English Atlas

Showing an 18th century atlas bound in half leather, in a style contemporary to the book.

Wars in Rome

This is a book of 1702 that I rebound in full leather. I photographed most of the processes involved for use in a presentation my father gave in 2005. Unfortunately I don't have the last images in the series showing the tooling etc.

Molls Atlas

Showing some stages in restoring a very damaged 18th century quarter leather binding, using marble paper contemporary with the book.

Bindings of Interest

These are some photos of work completed over the last few years.


Rebacking is the process of rebinding a book with a new spine, re-using the original boards, and re-laying the original spine if possible. These are a some examples of books I've rebacked.

Page Repairs

These are some pictures of pages repaired using Japanese repairing tissue.


These pictures show some of the boxes, slip cases, and display cases I've made.